Friday, 25 July 2014

Snapping in and out of a reality: dream lunges & layers

Dream lunges

Remember that feeling you get, when you just either just drifting off to sleep or coming to the end of your sleep, only to be abruptly woken up as you are about to fall down a hole?

In our dream we are walking down a street and step into a man hole, our etheric body experiences what feels like gravity and this feeling transmits into the physical, tensing up the body, just as would happen in real life. Whether we have just been dozing off to be woken up, or woken up at the end of our sleep, a calling has been made and a portal made present. 

This seemingly black hole or star gate in the etheric has such a strong effect, we have no control over it.

Usually, the body tends to know whats going on before we do, and such a calling may be necessary, the reason of which unbeknown to the conscious.

When we are falling asleep and fall into one of these holes, the body takes charge and wakes you up. Many people will relate this to waking up moments before certain death is to occur in a dream. Perhaps we might take a view that when we are moving around in the etheric or astral, we enter a certain situation in which we can not handle and so the body changes the current reality back to the conscious state.

Considering what we know of reality, and the very term itself, we can without doubt say that we are in fact experiencing a sub reality within, when dreaming. The explicit realness of dreams can be memorable throughout your life. The tastes, the smells and the feelings are entirely tangible in every sense. When we are in said realities, we may still remember who we are and our life, knowing that we may possibly be dreaming but fail to connect dots of logic, however poignant and substantial the moments are. There are many dream places you may have visited more than once, usually bearing a similar feeling and memory. It always seems there is a reason we enter these places and that they have some connection to some physical aspect on earth, whether this be in your future, past or through the eyes of another viewer in the past, present or future. When we dream is it possible we can view through the eyes of another person/animal? It seems more and more people are relating information from the other worlds.

It would be very interesting, if we all knew each others dream places, and could confirm information, if there should be any logical explanation to the similarities that is.

Perhaps there is no meaning in these places, maybe they are just a manifestation of a "brand new reality", or maybe we are using our brain more intuitively when we sleep and have the ability to access anywhere, at any point in time. Perhaps a combination of the two.

If we are actually moving about without conscious cause or compass, and these realities are fully discernible, then maybe this is why the body wakes us up so profoundly in these dream lunges; after all is has been mentioned many times that if we were to experience death in a dream then we would die, in our sleep, and this is why we wake up before death occurs.

Connecting these dots may highlight a possibility of tangible aspects of reality in which we cannot access whilst awake, but could possibly access whilst asleep. Maybe we could in fact bring back certifiable, evidential truths about the physical realitywe know of, and also others we are not so privy to.


As mentioned in Multi dimensions, pathways & interconnections and also magnetism & etheric fields there are many, many layers to reality. These aspects may or may not have physical bearing but either way they are certifiable, depending on the level of mediation being used to interpret, that is. Machines and equations give us such conclusions in our thoughts and ideas but what about the most complex computer on the planet - the brain?

Our ability to decipher these informations depends on the intent and open mindedness of the individual, such passing layered aspects of reality a mere confusion and delusion to the unwitty.

Lucid dreaming shall be the first expression to mention of layering. Sometimes we may be partly awake, but shut off; whether the mind is shut off and the subconscious interpreting, or the body shuting down and the mind creating, we can have this experience of seeing a semi clear/opaque layer of vision, directly placed over your current vision like a skin or a contact lense that portrays two layers of vision over each other. In science, this can be expressed as the feta state of the brain working, a frequency that should act when we are between sleep and an awake state and is the general modality of a 3-5 year old child.

Should the brain transmit this signal as a result of altered states, we may be able to access other forms of learning and information. A general western concept of a child is that of an unwise and benevolently ignorant being; a view from another point may suggest that a child is a lot more apt in many areas of learning and interpretation than most adults. Children do seem to have a greater connection to nature and animals, up to a certain point they have an undisturbed view of reality; as they grow older this ability usually grows weaker. A great benefit may be achieved by accessing this state of mind/body.

Some people will relate to this layering in many ways, having already mentioned the idea of smelling the past in previous articles, it may further be suggested that we can somewhat physically "see" with all 3 eyes, further layers of reality, right in front of us. No matter how hard we try, we may never be able to see further than whats in front of us, but from time to time we feel a certain thing or aspect right before us, as though it were a physical feeling and perception. Most of the time this will seldom bring any logical information, questioning the need for such a use of the body; after all, everything is used for a reason, it should be wise to not ignore any ability/unability man has been endowed with, however fantastic or mystical it seems, so long as delusion is accounted for.

The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge - Stephen hawking

Psychoactive drugs may set off this state of mind, as could ritual or trance states. Such a trance state need not be an old wrinkly woman in a circle of fire with people chanting and dancing around her banging drums; trance states can be achieved by listening to music, drumming, binaural beats, singing, chanting, body movements, meditations, pain, personal sacrifice, chastity and fasting. Many clever, astute people have laughed at the very concept of trance states having evocational properties but failed to look at the very reason why these almost mythic types of intuitional learning have any correspondence to logical 5 sense reality. When man has a better grasp on his reality, the 5 sensical reality we live in shall transform beyond that which numbers can account for. It might be worth now at this point to mention the multiple states of mind or brain wave types.

Delta: when we are in deep sleep

Feta: between awake and asleep/ semi conscious, present in 3-5yo children

Alpha: optimum performance and acceleration of learning

Beta: thinking, learning and emotional content

All of these frequencies can be achieved by the above means, each one of them has its own cause and effects.

The layers in which spoken of can be interpreted at the individuals discretion, such a thing may seem clear to one person but appear slightly different to another as our interpretations are entirely relevant to the individual. However, having said that, layering can sometimes appear clear as day; switching off and reinterpreting through intuition to receive; this involves partially "switching of the 2 eyes" and letting go. We do this many times a day without even realising it; when we dose off; when our mind is absent; when our conscious attention is absent and when we are unwittingly taking part in some form of ritualistic happening/operation.

When our conscious attention is disturbed, however that may be, we are skipping from reality to reality.

Many times you may be engorged in writing, or talking whilst listening to music, entirely forget the music is on and then snap back into reality, completely having forgot what it is you are listening to and that it was even on in the first place. It may even take a while to remember what it is that is playing. Another relation to this when the television is on and we stare eyes wide open but do not actually take in a single piece of memorable information; this is the moment someone says "wow, what do you think to that", to which you reply: "think to what", there response being the same every time: "well, you have been sat here watching it with me have you not?". The mind is astray, reaching further points of interest.

Many conversations may be had without taking in detail, the mind astray and reaching its own intent.

Some people will remember the feeling of waking up in a familiar or unfamiliar environment and not knowing where on earth you are, or who you are/what your intent as a person is. Waking up drunk need not be a reason for this but as all other examples, one foot is in the reality and one foot is out, so to speak.

When we are processing thought, we are defying logic. This act of divinity has no explanations in the material world, science is of no help but a hinderance in the learning of mystical, metaphysical concepts. After all, how is science to justify, reason or explain a thing in which it has no grasp on, when all of the information that was not present on this planet in our history has manifested itself without the use of technology as such or without science. Point being, we have already created everything you see through means of which cannot be explained; using a static means of controls to explain reality, on its own shall not bring forth anything out of its bounds. Scientism itself is a religion and a concept in which science can only explain existence.

Man has been doing/attempting successfully for hundreds, thousands of years and everything we know today, has come through an organic form of learning. This is the mind/consciousness/unconscious/higher self/Gaia/nature/deity/spirit/energy, some may just call it God.

Static means of controls are exactly that: static and reductive in their power of fluidity and ability to manifest organically and exponentially.

Having realised that this power of divinity is far greater than any other form of knowledge or wisdom, it should be correct to assume we have more functions to our mind and unconscious than we give credit and that these moments of unclarity may not always be entirely indivisible. Such a strange dream or experience may occur as random, however informations contained within may not be without reason. We may be riding a pink elephant through the streets of an unknown city with four arms and six legs, but is our consciousness still from the same source(you), does it think like we do? If not, what does it think, why is it doing what it is doing and why are you viewing? Is there inforation in the dream that bear resemblance to your intelligent or emotional desire?

Many scholars or inventors will relate to this as material data will appear in the strangest forms, often bearing little logic but after greater inspection, revealing truths or ideas which are the next key, or piece of the puzzle. Numerology and synchronicity being the general keys to such a thing, or a grasping tool perhaps.

"God works in mysterious ways"

Furthermore, after consideration, my general thoughts for the need for such a thing lie not solely in material information such as mathematical or artistic data for our minds, but in a concept known as transdimentional physics. This process is a scientific concept in which the transfer of information from one dimesion may be brought into ours using mediators such as crystals. This info is not just an act of divination or conjuration in itself, but an aspect with the ability to create alterations invoving forms such as genetics.

Getting to the point I would like to suggest this conjuration of reality may have an ability to manifest change in our current modality/paradigm/form/consciousness, through transdimensional physics itself. Our very genes/DNA are like antenna, a medium for receiving information; should it be to crazy to suggest that we ourselves(having been laden throughout our body in crystal at the sub atomic level) have the ability to fetch information we need from other dimensions without the use of external objects and processes such as crystal healing?

Man himself is the oracle and can divine and heal through his own consciousness; all external aspects are but a tool.